Convenient, everyday rides
Do you need a private ride at a daily price? UberX is the ideal driving option for you.

Private tours for 1 to 4 people

Comfortable sedans

Affordable prices

1. Submit a request

Open the application and enter the destination in the “Where” box. After you confirm that the download and destination addresses are correct, select “uberX” at the bottom of the screen. Then touch “Send Request”.

You will see a driver’s photo and vehicle information, and you can follow the map to get closer to the vehicle.

2. Driving

Get rid of when the driver arrives. Your driver knows your destination and the fastest route to it, but you can always ask for another route.

3. Get off

Payments are made automatically via the signed payment method, so you can leave as soon as you arrive. Do not forget to rate the driver so Uber is still safe and comfortable for everyone.