For own mobility
100% hybrid or electric vehicles, for a more sustainable mobility.

After UuberPOOL, which has been available since November 2014, Uber is able to order electric or hybrid vehicles that emit 20% to 80% less CO2 than a gasoline or diesel (IFP / CRE, Nissan, Toyota) qu’uberX.

Launched in June in the experimental phase with around 100 clean vehicles, it is now a thousand green vehicles that are available since the application!
Why choose uberGREEN?

For more sustainable mobility

Made up of 100% electric or hybrid vehicles, the uberGREEN solution reduces CO2 emissions and thus combats urban pollution.

For journeys with serenity

Relax for a journey in a vehicle with a quiet engine, and enjoy a new type of comfort and fluidity.

How to test uberGREEN
1. Open the Uber application

Available on iOs, Androïd and Windows Phone, the Uber application allows you to order a vehicle with driver in just one click.
2. Select the GREEN option

Select the uberGREEN solution on the Home screen and enter your destination address.

3. Order your uberGREEN

Order your uberGREEN vehicle.


What type of vehicles are found on uberGREEN?

The driver partners using uberGREEN use hybrid or electric vehicles such as Nissan Leaf (electric) or Toyota Prius (hybrid) in particular.

What is the price of uberGREEN?

The pricing model for a race via uberGREEN is the same as for a race via uberX.

Where is uberGREEN present?

UberGREEN is available in Paris and in Greater Paris. UberGREEN has the ambition to expand soon in other cities in France. UberGREEN already exists in Portugal and South Africa. Moreover, many hybrid or electric cars are available via uberX in London, New York and San Francisco for example.

What is the difference in terms of impact between uberGREEN and uberPOOL?

UberGREEN makes it possible to specifically control clean, electric and hybrid vehicles that directly contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. UberPOOL makes it possible to share its route with another user going in the same direction, and thus reduce the number of vehicles in circulation and thus reduce urban pollution. In 2015-2016, passengers using uberPOOL saved 1 million kilometers of driving, about 60,000 liters of gasoline and more than 127 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions.

What is the autonomy of uberGREEN vehicles?

The autonomy of the vehicles available on uberGREEN varies according to the models. A Nissan Leaf 100% electric vehicle now has a real range of 200km. Different methods of recharging exist and the fastest allows to recharge the vehicle to 80% in only 30 minutes. The more conventional recharging stations offer a 100% recharge in about 8 hours. With a full recharge, an electric vehicle can drive about 200km in real autonomy.

How much does a vehicle cost for a driver? What energy savings?

Driver partners wishing to have an electric vehicle can either rent or buy it. As a general rule, rental companies and manufacturers offer preferential and attractive rates for professional drivers. For example, the first purchase price starts at 17,800 € HT for a hybrid vehicle. An electric vehicle is a bit more expensive, but the gain in fuel consumption is important.