Lowest Pax Rating 3.62

I have a question and a tip for this:
When I receive this ping request and the rating @ 3.62 I said to my self wtf did I do. This is the lowest rating I seen. I ask why is your rating so low Pax answer no Idea. 2 make story short she was friendly, very chill and gave $ 7 Tip on a 4 mile ride. Most of the time lowest Pax rating I get is the most generous 1.
The answer from people you can read on this link:

Author: Moneykick.72

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What is Uber?

They connects partner drivers and people who need transportation.Application downloading to your smartphone, register with your information, order transportation where you need to go through the GPS map and app will find the nearest available driver. In most of the five minutes your drivers will arrive by car and take you to your location, . Your credit card is connected to the app, when you order a ride, your ride will be charged, very simple.
Uber currently operates in 100 countries and in a lot of cities, over 500. You can be in a foreign country and to book a ride. Prices are cheaper than the standard taxi services and you will not have problems with cash in foreign currency because you pay by credit card.

What is the rate?

How much does it cost to drive from point A to B, check the official website https://www.uber.com/fare-estimate

As I said, the prices are cheaper than a taxi service.
At a time when the number of users exceeds the number of partners driver, the price may rise, it is called “surge pricing”. So users at any time of the day or night can order a vehicle. In case of increase in prices will be promptly notified. Then you can order a regular taxi ride, my recommendation.

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