Uber is developing with NASA flying taxis, the first test run starts in three years

UBER in cooperation with NASA participates in the joint venture of the public and private sector to develop software that this company will use to manage “flying taxi” routes that could function as services that the service already provides on the ground.

Uber said on Wednesday that it was the first official contract signed by NASA, covering low-flying flights, not those outside the atmosphere. NASA uses such contracts to develop rockets since the late 50s of the last century.

Uber’s Product Development Manager Jeff Holden said that Uber 2020 in Los Angeles will begin testing fleet taxis for four people who will move around 322 kilometers per hour, which will be another test market after Dallas and the nearby Fort City Worth.

Uber around the world has been besieging laws and regulations since launching his taxi application at the beginning of this decade, including London, where he complains against the decision to seize the license for security reasons.

Holden presented the latest Uber plans for flying taxis at the Web Summit, the internet conference in Lisbon, pointing out that they are working on obtaining approval from air regulators before launching such services.

“The reality is that Uber has grown very much like a company,” Holden said in conversation ahead of his speech.

“We are now a big company on the world stage, and you can not do the same thing when you’re a widespread, global company like when you’re a small, skewed startup,” he added.

NASA has announced that it signed an Uber agreement in January, which enables this company to join a number of industrial partners working with NASA to develop various non-driver flying systems.

Uber is trying to speed up the development of a new industry of electric city fleets on demand, said Holden. Clients will be able to order transportation over smart phones the same way they are already on the ground in more than 600 cities around the world.

The introduction of long-distance flying taxis is planned until 2023.